Industrial Vacuum cleaner Euro- 400/3 5,5 kw

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Description: Industrial Vacuum cleaner
The vacuum cleaner unit is built on a chassis with 4 travelling wheels and consists of a filter unit with lower cone mounted with shutter with pneumatic actuator, as well as a ring blower providing the under pressure (vacuum) in the installation.
The unit is equipped with electric panel, which is mounted and connected to filter control, shutter and ring blower.
Mode of Operation
The polluted air (powder) is sucked via steel piping or vacuum cleaner hose ø60,0 mm to the filter unit.
The compressed air which must be dry and free of oil is blown in in the opposite direction of the air which is to be cleaned. The compressed air is blown down through each filter element.

The cleaning of the filter elements is monitored by the control box, controlling the opening of the magnet valve.

The open-time of the magnet valve (the blowing time) and the interval-time can be adjusted in the control box.
The material sucked to the filter then settles in the lower cone.

Discharge of the material to the lower cone takes place by the automatic shutter opening up; at the same time the electric power to the ring blower is switched off, in order not to suck while the emptying is taking place.
When the shutter closes after emptying, the ring blower automatically starts again and suction of material to the filter can be resumed.

Industrial Vacuum cleaner