Industrial Mixing machine HM 5000

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Description: Industrial Mixing machine

The industrial mixing machine HM 5000 is specially designed for mixing of powders and granulars, and for addition of liquids, for instance animal fat, molasses and similar products up to 10% of the mixture. The mixer is equipped with a horizontally mounted double auger, suspended in strong ball bearings. In the mixing process the product is transported by the outer spiral in one direction (towards the outlet), and by the center spiral in the opposite direction. At the same time the rotation makes the product rotate around the center axle of the auger.

Motor 2 x 11 KW
Transmission V-belts
Axle gear independantly suspended 2 x TA70 1:30,4
Auger revolutions 13
Total volume / litres 5250
Effective mixing volume / litres 4000
Volume at specific weight 0,65 2600 kg.
Mixing time / min 5 - 6
Noise level 70 dB(A)
Weight incl. motor 1900 kg.
Weight pre-bin with slide section  
Weight lower bin with emptying auger  
Weight leg support  
Industrial Mixing machine