Grain Hammer Mill EU-2B

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Description: Grain Hammer Mill
The Grain Hammer Mill is designed for grinding tasks where a simple solution to transport of the raw material when milled, is required. The rotation of the rotor develops a sub-pressure in the mill housing, whereby the raw material is sucked to the suction pipe socket in the mill. The milling process takes place in the grinding chamber. When the product is sucked into the grinding chamber, it is split into particles by the rotation of the hammers. The grinding fineness of the product is determined by the hole size of the screen. The milled product is sucked out of the grinding chamber by means of the blower wing, and is transported to the required destination. Total transport distance up to 150 m

Motor KW 7,5 - 11, 0
Screen area 0,12
Hammer Numbers 16
Capacity * Kg/h 700 - 1000
Suction distance m. 50
Blowing distance m. 100
Transport distance m. 150
Air pressure mm WS 650
Air volume m³ /h 1400
Noise level dB(A) 75
Weight w. motor kg 190
*= The capacity depends on material / screen and motor sizes
Grain Hammer Mill