Hammer Mill Corn EU-250

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Description: Hammer Mill Corn
The hammer Mill corn is used for fine grinding of products which are difficult to grind into smaller particles, such as bran and similar products with fibre contents. The Hammer Mill is fitted with a recirculation pipe connecting the grinding chamber and the inlet for recirculation of products. Hammer Mill corn with bottom outlet and inlet in the centre of the grinding chamber, is intended for mounting on mixer- or silo cover. In the process, the product is lead to the mill inlet via conveyor belt, auger or similar equipment with capacity adjustment by means of e.g. frequency converter. When the product is sucked into the grinding chamber, it is split into particles by the rotation of the hammers. The grinding fineness of the product is determined by the hole size of the screen.

Motor KW 30
Screen area 0.50
Hammer Industri 80
Capacity * Kg/h  
Transport distance m. Varies with design of installation
Noise level dB(A) 70
Weight w. motor kg 350
*=The capacity depends on material / screen and motor sizes
Hammer Mill Corn