Hammer mill EU 5000D Unit

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Description: Hammer mill EU 5000 Double unit
Hammer Mill Model EU-5000P double, with suction pipe sockets, and with inlet in the top of the grinding chamber is used in connection with nozzle filter and ventilator (sub-pressure installation). Used where long transport distances and large capacities are required. This type of installation is dust free The Hammer Mill is used for grinding of products into smaller particles. In the process, the product is led to the mill inlet via conveyor belt, auger or similar equipment with capacity adjustment by means of e.g. frequency converter. When the product falls into the grinding chamber, it is split into particles by the rotation of the hammers and the grinding bridge. The grinding fineness of the product is determined by the hole size of the screen.

Motor KW 2 x 75 - 110
Screen area 2 x 0,5
Hammer 2,5 mm 2 x 240
Hammer 8,00 mm 2 x 120
Capacity * tons/st 11 - 16
Noise level dB(A) 85
Weight, complete plant kg 2000
*= The capacity depends on material / screen and motor sizes
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