Wood Pellet plant EU-25 Double Unit

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Description: Wood Pellet plant

The wood pellet plant EU 25 double unit Installation with mirrored Hammer Mills provided with bottom outlets, and with inlets in the upper, right and left corners of the grinding chamber, mounted on dome bottom with emptying auger driven by a direct coupled gear motor. 2 pcs. of self cleaning nozzle filters ø300 with 0,75 kW ventilator are mounted on the dome bottom, making the installation dust free. The motor controlled 2-way switch above the inlet of the hammer mills determines on which of the mills the raw material is to be milled, as the mills are typically equipped with screens with different hole size. The installation is used for grinding of products into smaller particles. In the process, the product is lead to the mill inlet via conveyor belt, auger or similar equipment with capacity adjustment by means of e.g. frequency converter. When the product is sucked into the grinding chamber, it is split into particles by the rotation of the hammers. The grinding fineness of the product is determined by the hole size of the screen.

Emptying auger ø200 Type  
Gear NMRV63 1:40
Gearmotor 0,75Kw 4pol B14 T80
Motor KW 22 or 30
Screen area 0,35
Hammer Industry 72
Capacity * Kg/h 2000 - 4000
Suction distance m. 0
Blowing distance m. 0
Transport distance m. Varies with design of installation
Air pressure mm WS  
Air volume m³ /h  
Noise level dB(A) 70
Weight w. motor kg 740
*=The capacity depends on material / screen and motor sizes
Nozzle filter ø 300    
Motor KW 0,75
Filter area 0,60
Timer control 24V or 230V Digital
Coil 24V or 230V  
Wood Pellet plant