Big bag discharge station - FDA approved

Process plant Description: Complete Big bag emptying station for unloading of materials, Big bag is placed in the empty station using a forklift truck. The cover under the pouch is opened. Big the bag tied up or cut open.

Access door is closed. Meterialerne the bag is automatically discharged and transferred for further processing using (conveyor, rotary valve, etc..) That is connected to the station.

Big-bag emptying station made ​​of galvanized steel with impact resistant hopper to the discharge of product.
Big-bag station can be designed to handle different big bag sizes.


Lifting yoke for location of the big bag
Food approved equipment.

One can easily and freely placing big bag of empty station using forklift or other lifting device. The unloading station is safe and "dust-free" when emptying takes place in an enclosed hopper.

Big Bag Discharge Station