Process plant Scomi

PROFILE: ScomiGroup supply drilling fluids and related engineering services, drilling and waste management, marine industry and production technology, chemicals, manufacturing solutions and engineering services to the oil and gas industry. Scomi has over 45 years experience today is Scomi represented at 60 locations in 34 countries

Process plant description: Complete buffer tank system for storage and transportation of drilling Kaks (Drilling Kaks is crushed stone mass of sediments during drilling for oil transported by mud from drilling, while drilling the well), the buffer tank is equipped with hydraulic motors for the auger system and compressed air system for lifting the drill "kaksen", to awoid cloaking in the tank bottom. The plant was delivered to Scomi in 2008

Buffer tank system consists of:

  • 6 auger and trough auger ends for transporting Kaks.
  • 6 hydraulic motors with control.
  • Pneumatic anti-packing system.
Process plant Scomi