Mechanical Engineering

Machinery solutions

Mechanical engineering Solutions

Requirement for competitiveness sharpened by the day, which among other things, involves an increased focus on development, optimization and rationalization of production. EUROmilling a / s develops process plants as well as customized specialty machinery. We offer a professional sparring and new resource-saving inventions into production.

Consultance and product management

Consultancy and project management.

Development of process plant ing in close cooperation with the customer. Euro Milling a / s offers advice in the development of all plants and doing the necessary planning. To ensure that solutions meet the requirements, the Euro Milling a / s has developed a project management system which include ensures that all machine specifications are described in the design phase begins. The system also ensures that the whole project is traceability for all major decisions, and that the customer is continuously informed about the project.

Technical product development and design

Technical product development and design

EUROmilling a / s has a permanent staff of skilled product developers and designers who work with the most modern drawing programs on the market, which means that today we exclusively develop and construct in 3D programs. This allows us to include opportunity to present our designs in an e-drawing, which gives our customers a complete overview of machinery down.

Production of hammermills


Our workshop can solve a wide spectrum of tasks, and is primarily geared to solving development. Therefore, using the EUROmilling a / s is largely of their own employees involved in the production of the developed machinery. To ensure the quality of engineering projects happening all collection and assembly of components in our assembly department, where our knowledgeable staff will check that all parts of the plant is fully operational.

Commissioning and testing

Commissioning and testing.

Thorough testing and testing is a prerequisite for a machine is a success. Therefore, all major mechanical systems installed and tested at our factory in Tølløse. Here is an opportunity to test all machine functional elements, and to optimize the equipment before it is set up and commissioned by our customers. EUROmilling a / s also working with an established procedure for mechanical testing. After running at our factory finish with a FAT (Factory Acceptance Test). This test approved all the machine functional elements. When mechanical plant is installed and commissioned at the customer finish with a SAT (Site Acceptance Test), where it is documented that all the machine's function elements correspond to the disadvantaged machine specifications.

Service and maintenance

Service and maintenance.

EUROmilling a / s has a department for service and maintenance. This division serves large machine installations worldwide, and carries out large and small repair work, if are unlucky. In this connection set up a service hotline is staffed seven days a week 7:00 to 23:00 all year round. EUROmilling a / s also offers service on plant and machinery which includes fixed service intervals, ensuring an optimal operation of the machine and prevent breakdowns. This ultimately results in an optimal operating, ensuring maximum uptime and reduces the number of service visits. If there is sign a service contract, it is free to call the hotline.

Production optimization

Production Optimization.

Based on our employees' great powers offers EUROmilling a / s also consultancy for production optimization of existing automation systems. Tasks that can be mentioned in this context include eliminating bottlenecks, reducing scrap percentages, ergonomic solutions and increasing capabilities.

Mechanical engineering