Special machines and processing plants

process engineering

We make Special machines and processing plants and complete plants such as pneumatic conveying systems in close cooperation with our customers. We also design and construct processing plants for agriculture and industry purposes.

Skilled employees at all levels and the latest technology makes it possible to meet our customers needs and requirements quickly and efficiently. We manufacture customized solutions such as materials, design, color and certification. We solve mechanical and electrical engineering issues, and delivers complete turnkey plants.

Our production are well documented, flexible and fast switchable - that means besides fast delivery complete uniformity when reordering. Euro Milling's customized solutions can be found in all possible environments, but is particularly used by agriculture and industries such as oil industry, food processing industry, chemical industry and all types of woodprocessing. I.e. industries where production or the environment is of such nature that there are special requirements for our processing plants.

At EUROmilling we are very conscious that continuous product development, control and the possibility of customized solutions are crucial factors when future solutions need to be selected.

Special machines and processing plants